In addition to the world famous Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh is also famous in the eyes of tourists as a land with sacred and superficial temples. It would be impossible to list them all without including Ba Vang Pagoda, the Buddha’s realm in the human world. With a trip to Ba Vang Pagoda, travelers will have the opportunity to discover the mysterious Buddha land where heaven, earth, nature and people are harmonized as one.

Located halfway up Thanh Dang mountain, Uong Bi city, Quang Ninh province, Ba Vang Pagoda is considered to be in an incredibly picturesque area at an altitude of 340 meters, leaning against a mountain in the back, with two sides of lush, green pine trees and a river runs in front.


Besides being a famous spiritual tourist destination, Ba Vang Pagoda also owns many beautiful landscapes. Visitors will be astounded by the views when traveling around the temple.

External Three-door Gate

Going all the way up to the pagoda, visitors will surely stop to admire the superficial, majestic but equally ancient beauty of the outer Tam Quan gate. This is considered the place to lead visitors on the journey to admire the magnificent temple in the sacred Thanh Dang mountain.


Avalokitesvara Buddha Statue

Along the terraced paths made of natural stone, visitors will admire the solemn statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva on a lotus platform. This is considered one of the largest monolithic statues in Vietnam with a height of 10 meters and a weight of nearly 50 tons, carved from granite by artists (This is a natural stone, unique, luxurious, after polishing it will last almost forever)


One Pillar Pagoda & Crescent Lake

When hearing this name, visitors will probably feel curious and excited when at Ba Vang Pagoda, the image of One Pillar Pagoda – the heart of Hanoi capital appears.


The combination of the majestic ancient scene of One Pillar Pagoda and the romantic, charming scene of Crescent Lake will certainly not disappoint visitors. Here, in front of One Pillar Pagoda carved from red cedar wood and the statue of Thousand Hand Guan Yin, is a sacred place for worship activities.


Internal Three-door Gate

Not only famous for its majestic scenery, Ba Vang Pagoda also creates a unique impression, attracting many visitors by the massive inner Tam Quan gate. With the exceptional grandeur of the architecture made with a length of more than 23 meters, a height of 15 meters, 29 stone stairs, and elegant couplets designed on two sides of the gate, visitors will be amazed by how the scene is beautifully added up.


The Vietnamese national flag and the Buddhist flag hang parallel in front of the gate, flowing in the wind, delivering the message that Buddhism always accompanies the nation. The Buddha Dharma is constantly oriented toward the intellectual and moral growth of the country in order for it to grow and thrive.

Dai Hung Bao Dien

Going through the Internal Three-door Gate, travelers will arrive to Dai Hung Bao Dien, which covers a 4,000-meter square area and was named “The largest sanctum on mountain in Indochina” by the Indochina Records Organization in 2014. The wall of Dai Hung Bao Dien is carved with various magnificent designs, especially the 37 enormous mural paintings depicting Shakyamuni Buddha’s life from birth to Nirvana, thereby helping visitors better understand the boundless compassion, wisdom in the process of his practice, helping all sentient beings get rid of mistakes so that they can begin to respect, appreciate and pay homage to the Buddha.


Godly Well

The mystery of this sacred land is still mentioned by the locals through the story of an ancient godly well. Although located at an altitude of 340m above sea level, this pure flow of water spring pours out from the heart of the mountain and never runs out.


Legend has it that on New Year’s Eve, whoever has the grace to drink the water of Godly Well will experience serenity and happiness for the entire year. There is also a folklore tale that the water from God’s well may cure ailments. Therefore, we hope that when you visit this location, you will appreciate the clean sacred water, which will enable everyone’s spirit become refreshed and cheerful.


Advices when visiting Ba Vang Pagoda

– Entering Ba Vang Pagoda is completely free, no business activities in the temple, all services are free to welcome thousands of visitors every day.

– Free parking

– Free food and drinks

– Every worships location and touring area is guided by Buddhists

– It is prohibited to: Bring savory food, alcohol, stimulants to the temple; Recklessly discard waste; arbitrarily pluck flowers, break branches

– It is required to dress properly, dignifiedly, and elegantly.



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